July Wedding Spotlight: Allison & Terry

Allison & Terry
Allison & Terry


With the big day approaching, our July couple is gearing up to tie the knot. “I’m really excited, but now I think I’m getting to anticipation overload!  I kind of just want to stop talking about everything and just do it!” said bride Allison.

Allison and Terry have been planning for the last year and approximately 80 guests are making the trip to Grand Teton National Park to celebrate on July 12. “I’m also a little nervous that I’m going to forget something major before the big day…we keep checking our to-do list but it seems to grow every time!”

In less than 48 hours Allison and Terry will be in Jackson, Wyoming. Terry is focusing on how much there is to do before arriving. “Fortunately I’m able to take time off of work to assist with all of the prep and planning.”

The couple selected Jackson Lake Lodge as their wedding destination for the view, the location, and the amenities. “Terry and I both love the outdoors and I loved the idea of getting married with mountains in the backdrop.  I’m so excited that it is going to become a reality.  I visited Grand Teton National Park with my family when I was a child and it seems fitting that while this is a destination wedding, there is some tie to the location,” declared Allison.

“The sheer beauty of the Tetons is a big one…the mountains, the vistas, the roaming bison…” said Terry. The easy accessibility of the location by air was another deciding factor. “JAC, SLC and DEN airports provide ample air service.  Since we have guests attending from four time zones (Hawaii, Pacific, Mountain, Central & Eastern) it was important to pick a location that’s somewhat central and highly accessible.” 

Romance began when the couple met online. However, the two worked out at the same gym, would go to the same bars, and even had friends of friends in common.  “We also only lived about half a mile apart. Small world,” said Allison.

Allison knew the proposal was coming, as the two went ring shopping together. On Allison’s birthday weekend the couple planned to travel to a small town outside St. Louis for a mini vacation. “As we’re packing for the trip, I suggest we go out to lunch.  I surprised her and take her to the site of our first date—a coffee shop,” said Terry. “So we order some drinks and try to walk around, but it’s raining.  Picture me holding a drink with one hand and a big two-person umbrella in the other.  We walk around for a little while, I ask her to hold my drink, I reach in my pocket, present the ring and pop the question.”

Allison and Terry have joined together in much of the wedding planning. “I would say I’m fairly involved, although I’m not Groomzilla,” laughed Terry.  “She has very specific ideas for the wedding—the type of cake, the flowers, the table cards, etc.  I try to pry this information out of her and then drive her crazy by asking the detail questions: ‘Cocktail hour is at five, dinner starts at seven, will the first dance be as soon as people walk inside or after the entree is served?’  Conversely, I will spend 10 minutes looking at typefaces for the wedding stationary and she’ll be like, whatever you want is fine.” 
The couple is trying to incorporate the location and their quirky sensibilities into everything. 

“Some of the little touches are our first dance to a Mr. Rogers, (yes, from Mr. Rogers neighborhood) song and the groom’s cake, a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge (in honor of Terry being from San Francisco Bay area).  We also decided not to use the traditional wedding march in favor of an Elvis Costello song,” shared Allison.

They adopted an image of a mountain range as their wedding logo. “The color is a forest green and it’s used throughout—flowers, dresses, stationary, and more,” said Terry.

“The flowers are going to be elegant and simple, orchids, and peonies for the bouquets and orchids, peonies, and calla lilies for the centerpieces,” said Allison. The bride’s dress is an ivory sheath with a chapel length train and crystal beaded detailing. The music is being provided by a Bozeman, Montana old time string band, Jawbone Railroad

“We’re taking advantage of the best of Jackson Hole for our wedding guests—the ceremony and reception at Jackson Lake Lodge, the rehearsal dinner at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, local food and beverages, welcome gifts from local vendors, and more,” said Terry.

Terry admits what he is most excited for, “Allison is really close to her dad, so I know that him walking her down the aisle will be very special to her.  I’m really going to treasure watching that as I see my bride for the first time that day.”

Margaret, the mother of the bride, is looking forward to the whole week culminating to the wedding.  “A large contingent from both families will be attending so the time visiting in such a beautiful location will be great, maybe even time to take Allison’s nieces for a hike or two.”

“My first impression of Terry was months before meeting him and made me think he was very thoughtful and caring,” said Margaret. “Nothing is more important to a mother than having her daughter in a relationship with a man who loves her.” Margaret wishes the couple, “Health and happiness – everything else will follow.”


Our Spotlighted July Couple
Our Spotlighted July Couple


As the wedding draws closer, the couple learns to deal with unexpected obstacles.

“I think the thing that surprised me the most was how big, little things seemed when it got down to the wire,” said Allison. “When the chocolatier no longer carried my favorite truffle I was upset before I realized there were a half dozen others that I really liked as well.  I think the pressure of making lots of decisions daily and having minor issues rise up all the time was more stressful than I expected.”

Allison recommends staying in good contact with vendors. “I also think that it is really helpful to be organized.  I can’t believe how many excel spreadsheets we have dedicated to this wedding, thank goodness Terry is computer savvy!  I also think that it is important to plan to have some down time just the two of you.  Terry and I are so excited to see our family, but we know that we want to spend some time together and have set aside a night for a special date just the two of us when we get to Jackson.  I know that will be a special time for us.”

“I’m really just looking forward to getting married and enjoying the party that Terry and I have organized for our family and friends. I think that there are going to be lots of little moments: seeing the flower girls twirl in their dresses, having my father give me away, toasts from our friends, dancing the night away, an amazing meal…I just want to be able to take it all in and enjoy it.”

Terry adds, “We’ve laughed together, cried together—I realized that we make a great couple.  Our strengths complement each others weaknesses so wonderfully.  She’s an amazing, beautiful, smart woman, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with her.”


June Wedding Spotlight: Meredith & Webb

On June 20th, Meredith & Webb celebrated a new beginning with friends and family. Between rain showers and sunshine, the two exchanged vows on the back terrace of Jackson Lake Lodge. The ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and reception. Love and laughter filled the ballroom, as couple and guests danced the night away.

Photography by Carrie Patterson: www.carriepattersonphotography.com

















June Wedding Spotlight Week One: Meredith & Webb

Canoeing the Buffalo River in Arkansas
Canoeing the Buffalo River in Arkansas




The wedding is just a few days away and bride Meredith is elated. With everything coming together, the two are ready to get married. The wedding party is beginning to arrive, with guests soon to follow. Annie, the maid-of-honor, arrived on Monday and after a few transportation hang ups, the groom Webb flew into Jackson this week.

“We are done with planning, now we are doing,” said Perrin, mother of the bride.

Meredith, Perrin and Annie stayed up into the wee hours on Monday night, finishing programs, place cards and other last minute tidbits.

The programs created a bit of an unexpected road bump. “We made all the paper products, we didn’t hire a calligrapher,” said Meredith. As they went to print the programs there was a slight problem. The paper was too heavy and it jammed the printer. The hunt was on for printing center, a difficult task when in a National Park. “We ran into Jackson and Staples printed the programs and cut them for us.”

Meredith had her final meeting with our Conference Planning Manager to sign off on what the event is going to look like. “There’s not much left to do,” said Meredith. She concluded a trip to Jackson for a final fitting of the dress before the wedding. 


Backpacking the Grand Teton National Park Crest Trail
Backpacking the Grand Teton National Park Crest Trail


After a full year of planning, Meredith offers this advice to fellow brides, “Give yourself time so you’re done days before your wedding. Don’t stay up the day before to do programs, because once you get close to the wedding you don’t want think about it anymore.” She recommends to spend the few days before the wedding relaxing and enjoying friends and family.

The two will certainly be relaxing post-wedding, with a honeymoon in the French Polynesian.

Everyone shares nothing but encouraging and full-hearted wishes for the couple. Annie wishes Meredith and Webb a lifetime full of wonderful memories. “I want them to walk hand in hand and experience life as a couple, best friends and partners,” said Annie. “They are selfless, hilarious, active, dedicated and kind.”

Groomsman Rashim laughed, “The first time I met Webb, he was wearing a hula skirt and coconut bra.” Eight years later, the two remain friends and Rashim describes the couple with one word:  incredible. “I hope Meredith does not come to her senses and backs out,” joked Rashim. With one more wish Rashim added, “I wish them children that don’t go bald at such an early age.”

Jackson Lake Lodge will welcome Meredith, Webb and their guests to celebrate their wedding on June 20th. We hope their new journey takes them down many roads of adventure, beauty, laughter and love.


I was still in college and webb flew to boulder to spend halloween with me. I lived with a bunch of girls and we decided to be rainbow bright and the color kids. I was green and Webb was the Sprite that travels around with him. It's a homemade costume complete with a glitter pouch that he threw everywhere all night.
Halloween 2004 Homemade Rainbow Bright and the Color Kids Costumes, Meredith as Green and Webb as Traveling Sprite Complete with a Glitter Pouch

June Wedding Spotlight Week Two: Meredith & Webb

Meredith and Webb at Waterton National Park in Canada
Meredith and Webb at Waterton National Park in Canada



With merely two weeks until wedding day, groom Webb is very excited. “I am looking forward to having friends and family with us to help celebrate an important moment in our lives, while enjoying one of our favorite places in the country.” As with Meredith, Webb believes Grand Teton National Park is a magical place.  “Jackson Lake Lodge is in the heart of it all with beautiful views and lots of activities for friends to really enjoy the area.”

Webb has been involved in planning the rehearsal dinner and some of the guest activities during the week before the wedding. With the date drawing near, Webb remains calm.

“Between wrapping up work and trying to nail down all the last details for the wedding, I haven’t had time to be nervous,” said Webb.  “I hope everyone else will be able to have as much fun as I know I will have.”
It didn’t take long for Webb to realize Meredith was his perfect complement. “There are so many times during our relationship where I recall knowing that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Meredith,” declared Webb.  “One time early in our relationship was after a trip to Thailand.  I don’t think we were ever more than a few hundred feet from one another and after we had spent a month together we were still enjoying each other’s company.”


Island Hopping in Southern Thailand
Island Hopping in Southern Thailand


Mother of the Bride, Perrin, holds no doubts about the couple as she believes they bring the best of themselves to the table. “They respect each other, are committed to each other and love each other. It’s a genuine friendship,” said Perrin. Her wishes for Meredith and Webb are a lifetime of love, devotion, adventure, happiness and laughter. “I am not worried about them at all. They have a wonderful, exciting life in front of them.”

At this point, everyone appears excited and ready for the wedding. Meredith and Webb have been planning for a year.   Perrin acted as a resource for the couple, smoothing out details since the two live in California. “They have been awesome in planning their event and their day,” said Perrin. She believes it is important for Meredith and Webb to be involved in planning their wedding, because it’s their memories and it’s what they want to create. “It’s something that will stay with them forever.”

Guests will arrive a few days before the event and many will stay a whole week.

“Seeing them begin their journey surrounded by family and friends and people who care about them and want to be part of their new adventure…my excitement comes from their excitement,” said Perrin.

The couple will tie the knot after nearly six and a half years of dating. Both are beaming as they prepare to begin their life together.  

“Meredith is pretty fantastic and I am definitely the lucky one,” said Webb. “Even today I am constantly reminded of how certain I am she is the right person for me.”


Rafting in Thailand
Rafting in Thailand

June Wedding Spotlight Week Three: Meredith & Webb


Meredith and Mother of the Bride Go Over Wedding Details
Meredith and Mother of the Bride Go Over Wedding Details



With three weeks to wedding day, Meredith flew into Jackson, Wyoming and met with her mother. “I am done with work now and can concentrate on the wedding,” said Meredith. “My biggest advice would be to take time off before you’re wedding.” Meredith won’t return to work until after the wedding, providing ample time to get into the wedding frame of mind and tackle the last bit of planning.

The wedding has a very natural theme, with wildflowers and colors of spring green, tans and browns. There is a wonderfully earthy ambiance. The couple is trying to stay very eco-friendly. Meredith and Webb are using recycled paper and biodegradable materials and holding as many events outside as possible. During the week of the wedding the bridal party will partake in horseback riding, hiking, and a dinner cruise—enjoying Grand Teton National Park as much as possible.

Even the dress is simple and natural. “It’s very Grecian, sort of a toga feel,” said Meredith. There’s no beading or lace or ruffles. “I’m just not a dress person, for most brides the dress is a huge deal. I don’t think I even have a dress in my wardrobe.” Meredith did not want the dress to detract from the magnificent view of the Tetons. “There is so much to look at when standing at that terrace; I needed something natural and organic.”

Annie, the Maid-of-Honor is a wedding planner and has helped the couple plan a big part of the wedding. “Being that I have a company, it went hand in hand. Matron of honor and wedding coordinator, they got a steal of a deal,” Annie laughed.

Meredith and Annie met eight years ago, when the two were Freshmen roommates at Colorado. “She is my best friend!” declared Annie. “I am excited to see Mere and Webb vow to each other to be together the rest of their lives….oh and I am stoked for the décor and venue!”

Even the bridesmaids’ dresses are something to look forward to. With four bridesmaids and one maid-of-honor, the ladies were able to choose between three different dress styles to wear. “They are summer at its peak!” said Annie. “A great color with a lot of personality….short, kicky and green.”  

Annie fully supports Meredith and Webb and is excited for the event and what awaits them. “I love Webb, he has done nothing but complete my already perfect friend,” said Annie. “He has made her happy and shown her how beautiful she is.”

With small details being planned out, the pieces are beginning to come together. “It feels so good to mark things off the list,” boasted Meredith. She approaches week two with optimism.


Meredith Arrives to Plan and Prepare
Meredith Arrives to Plan and Prepare

June Wedding Spotlight Week Four: Meredith & Webb

With so many weddings planned at Grand Teton Lodge Company, we decided to spotlight a new couple each month. We want to show you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to plan your wedding with us. We are chatting with the bride, groom, mother of bride, maid-of-honor, and a groomsman for insight on our June couple. We are asking about their pre-wedding thoughts, hopes, and nerves. Presenting our June Wedding Spotlight:
Meredith & Webb: June 2oth
Aurland, Norway
Aurland, Norway



At four weeks until wedding day, bride Meredith is feeling most anxious. She is working 40 hour weeks and planning the wedding. “This is a time when there’s so much to do, but can’t do any of it until I arrive at the wedding site,” said Meredith. “It’s that weird in between.”

On June 20, 2009 Meredith will marry Webb on the back terrace of Jackson Lake Lodge with 130 guests. Meredith chose Grand Teton National Park as her wedding site, because she could not imagine having her wedding anywhere else. “It embodies who Webb and I are,” said Meredith. Both share a love of the outdoors, are concerned about the environment and are National Park goers.


The Ring
The Ring

Webb proposed to Meredith while the couple was living in the UK and traveling to different countries on the weekends. On April 16, 2008 they were in Aurland, Norway, indulging in a boat cruise. “Webb asked what I wanted to do for sunset,” said Meredith. The couple hiked a bit and sat on a rocky ledge at the water. “I had no idea… he had this whole speech I kept interrupting. Even when he got down on one knee, I still didn’t know.” Webb pulled out the ring and in astonishment Meredith grabbed it and stood up. “I put the ring on myself,” laughed Meredith, as she realized this was a proposal. Because international calling was so expensive, the news had to wait a day or two. It wasn’t until later when Webb was recounting the event to a groomsman that Meredith was able to hear his speech in its entirety.

The couple prepares for their special day. “Getting married to your best friend is the most incredible thing,” said Meredith. But she is also excited about sharing the vows they wrote and doing a traditional exchange of the rings.

For now, more planning awaits as the days until June 20th dwindle.


Ferry Ride Post-Proposal
Ferry Ride Post-Proposal