3 Ways to Enjoy Grand Teton National Park this Spring

Welcome springtime in Grand Teton National Park! There are already signs of a new season approaching. With the arrival of the spring melt we see the Snake River  rushing, river otters playing, trumpeter swans swimming, and moose munching on willows. These are all sure signs that Jackson Hole and Grand Teton Lodge Company are coming out of winter hibernation!

Three moose seen this April munching on willows

If you have Spring Fever and are ready for your summer vacation in the mountains, let us help you plan your mountain getaway for family and friends with our Grand Teton National Park packages.

The Grand Adventure Package

A Grand Teton National Park Exploration

The Grand Adventure Package is an all-inclusive package that offers a true discovery of Grand Teton National Park.  This package was designed for the family to explore the majestic scenery, wildlife and activities of the Park for all ages. The key to this package is the amount of activities to participate in; from river rafting on the beautiful Snake River, hiking and horseback riding in one of Americas most treasured and historic National Parks to boat cruises on Jackson Lake below the statuesque Teton Mountain Range to touring our neighboring town of Jackson or Yellowstone National Park.  Create a family experience to last a lifetime.

Hot Dates: May 20-June 20, 2011 and September 15-October 1, 2011 ~ Receive 20% Off Lodging!

Stay & Play Package

A Grand Teton National Park Skins and Fins Experience

Yes you read it right! Where is a more fantastic place on earth for dedicated golfers and fisherman than Grand Teton National Park?  This is a package created for that special outing with friends that may come only every so often. Golf at the beautiful Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club located just outside of the Park. Don’t be surprised to see moose munching on nearby greens while gazing at the entire Teton Mountain Range on iconic 13th hole. Spend a day hiking in the inspiring mountains. Catch the “big one” with an incredible day of fly fishing on the Snake River with a private guide. Grab your friends and let the adventure begin!

Give & Getaway Package

A Way to Give Back in Grand Teton National Park

A new year is here and so is a brand new Give & Getaway package.  This summer from June 6th through 9th, volunteers who work alongside Teton Science Schools employees to preserve the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will receive 20% off their lodging.  Working, on Vacation? With this package volunteer your vacation time to give back to the environment. Experience the Jackson Hole Region on a whole different level by participating in a Willow Restoration Program and a Trail Extension Project. In addition to volunteering partake in an interactive education class about the ecology, plant communities, and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Find a getaway that sounds right for you? Call one of our Package Specialist for more information at 800-628-9988. For more mountain vacation options visit our packages web page, please click: Packages


Moosin’ Around Again…

Next week the staff of Grand Teton Lodge Company has promised to have my name.  It seems a lot of you have joined in the competition to come up with just the right one…I cannot wait to learn what it is!  In the meantime, I’ve been playing around alot. 

Since so many people have been interested in the lake cruise on Jackson Lake this summer, I decided to check it out for myself.  Wow was it fun!  Take a look at the photos my friends took of me along the way…

Moosin Around 029First I had to get a ticket for the trip.  The price was really reasonable…since as you know from my last adventure…I don’t get a very big allowance!

Moosin Around 017

Then I went inside to check in and met a new friend!  That’s me lookin’ up at him as we talked about the upcoming adventure to Elk Island!

Moosin Around 022

Then it was off to catch the boat cruise and see Jackson Lake!

Moosin Around 019

Before the captain came on board, I snuck up to his chair to see about a career change…he’s got a pretty big job!  That comfy captain’s chair is the TICKET!  I recommend that seat if you can grab it!

Moosin Around 020

Before we could leave, we had to learn all the steps for a safe trip.  So the captain took a moment to tell us about the safety measures on the boat…that’s me takin’ it all in.

We learned about the area along the way.  Our first mate was Biddy…I forgot to get a photo with her, but she had great stories.  She told us all about the Park and Jackson Lake and was pretty funny too!

About half way through the trip, we docked at a private island.  It was fun, there wasn’t anyone around and all the guests could hike and eat until they had their fill!

Moosin Around 025 

As you may know, I’m a moose and just like the other wildlife in the Park we aren’t supposed to eat human food, or we’ll certainly get sick.  So I just took a look at all there was to enjoy…

Moosin Around 024

Then I sat by the campfire.  Even though it was summertime, it was fun to watch all the familes.  They were playing with something called marshmallows and making this treat called s’mores. 

The kids sure thought it was fun that’s for sure!

Moosin Around 023

Eventually, with the sound of the dinnerbell, it was time to head back to the boat to conclude our adventure.  I hopped on the front of the boat for a quick photo opportunity before we left.

Special Tip:  If you are brining the kids, ask the captain about the Jr. Captain License…it’s a great way to add to the kids adventure!

Here’s something else you should know for your adventures in the Park.  We’re at high altitude and it is really dry here.  So it’s always good to drink lots and lots of water.  After our trip was over, I stopped by the water fountain for a drink so I didn’t get dehydrated after having so much fun! 

Moosin Around 031

Next time you are here, let me know…maybe I can be your escort for a fun-filled day in Grand Teton National Park!

Introducing Our New Friend…

We have a new friend at Grand Teton Lodge Company. A fury moose has joined us in the office and he’s quite the explorer. The stuffed guy enjoys hiking, horseback riding, float trips, biking, rock climbing… there really isn’t an activity that he won’t try. He also likes to take time out to relax by the Jackson Lake Lodge swimming pool or grab a drink up at the Blue Heron. He’s a bit of a romantic, taking strolls along the shoreline of Elk Island and catching sunset at Lunch Tree Hill. He’s also been known to take a lady or two out to a special dinner at Jenny Lake Lodge.

 What's My Name?

This moose is quite the environmentally-friendly fellow. He is part of the Fuzz that Wuzz family. This means he is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Approximately two million plastic bottles are used in the U.S. every ten minutes and 51 billion go into landfills annually. It takes 700 years before plastic bottles start to decompose and less than 30% of plastic bottles in the U.S. are actually recycled. Each Fuzz that Wuzz member keeps over ten bottles out of landfills.


Our fluffy friend will be out and about in Grand Teton National Park. Keep you eyes open, if you spot him in our photos and tell us where he is, you could when a prize from Grand Teton Lodge Company.

The moose is missing just one thing, a name! We are asking for your help in selecting one. Please leave a comment with your suggestion and we will review potential candidates. The contender with the name we select will win a $50 gift certificate.  We look forward to hearing your ideas by Monday July 27th!

June Wedding Spotlight Week Three: Meredith & Webb


Meredith and Mother of the Bride Go Over Wedding Details
Meredith and Mother of the Bride Go Over Wedding Details



With three weeks to wedding day, Meredith flew into Jackson, Wyoming and met with her mother. “I am done with work now and can concentrate on the wedding,” said Meredith. “My biggest advice would be to take time off before you’re wedding.” Meredith won’t return to work until after the wedding, providing ample time to get into the wedding frame of mind and tackle the last bit of planning.

The wedding has a very natural theme, with wildflowers and colors of spring green, tans and browns. There is a wonderfully earthy ambiance. The couple is trying to stay very eco-friendly. Meredith and Webb are using recycled paper and biodegradable materials and holding as many events outside as possible. During the week of the wedding the bridal party will partake in horseback riding, hiking, and a dinner cruise—enjoying Grand Teton National Park as much as possible.

Even the dress is simple and natural. “It’s very Grecian, sort of a toga feel,” said Meredith. There’s no beading or lace or ruffles. “I’m just not a dress person, for most brides the dress is a huge deal. I don’t think I even have a dress in my wardrobe.” Meredith did not want the dress to detract from the magnificent view of the Tetons. “There is so much to look at when standing at that terrace; I needed something natural and organic.”

Annie, the Maid-of-Honor is a wedding planner and has helped the couple plan a big part of the wedding. “Being that I have a company, it went hand in hand. Matron of honor and wedding coordinator, they got a steal of a deal,” Annie laughed.

Meredith and Annie met eight years ago, when the two were Freshmen roommates at Colorado. “She is my best friend!” declared Annie. “I am excited to see Mere and Webb vow to each other to be together the rest of their lives….oh and I am stoked for the décor and venue!”

Even the bridesmaids’ dresses are something to look forward to. With four bridesmaids and one maid-of-honor, the ladies were able to choose between three different dress styles to wear. “They are summer at its peak!” said Annie. “A great color with a lot of personality….short, kicky and green.”  

Annie fully supports Meredith and Webb and is excited for the event and what awaits them. “I love Webb, he has done nothing but complete my already perfect friend,” said Annie. “He has made her happy and shown her how beautiful she is.”

With small details being planned out, the pieces are beginning to come together. “It feels so good to mark things off the list,” boasted Meredith. She approaches week two with optimism.


Meredith Arrives to Plan and Prepare
Meredith Arrives to Plan and Prepare

June Wedding Spotlight Week Four: Meredith & Webb

With so many weddings planned at Grand Teton Lodge Company, we decided to spotlight a new couple each month. We want to show you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to plan your wedding with us. We are chatting with the bride, groom, mother of bride, maid-of-honor, and a groomsman for insight on our June couple. We are asking about their pre-wedding thoughts, hopes, and nerves. Presenting our June Wedding Spotlight:
Meredith & Webb: June 2oth
Aurland, Norway
Aurland, Norway



At four weeks until wedding day, bride Meredith is feeling most anxious. She is working 40 hour weeks and planning the wedding. “This is a time when there’s so much to do, but can’t do any of it until I arrive at the wedding site,” said Meredith. “It’s that weird in between.”

On June 20, 2009 Meredith will marry Webb on the back terrace of Jackson Lake Lodge with 130 guests. Meredith chose Grand Teton National Park as her wedding site, because she could not imagine having her wedding anywhere else. “It embodies who Webb and I are,” said Meredith. Both share a love of the outdoors, are concerned about the environment and are National Park goers.


The Ring
The Ring

Webb proposed to Meredith while the couple was living in the UK and traveling to different countries on the weekends. On April 16, 2008 they were in Aurland, Norway, indulging in a boat cruise. “Webb asked what I wanted to do for sunset,” said Meredith. The couple hiked a bit and sat on a rocky ledge at the water. “I had no idea… he had this whole speech I kept interrupting. Even when he got down on one knee, I still didn’t know.” Webb pulled out the ring and in astonishment Meredith grabbed it and stood up. “I put the ring on myself,” laughed Meredith, as she realized this was a proposal. Because international calling was so expensive, the news had to wait a day or two. It wasn’t until later when Webb was recounting the event to a groomsman that Meredith was able to hear his speech in its entirety.

The couple prepares for their special day. “Getting married to your best friend is the most incredible thing,” said Meredith. But she is also excited about sharing the vows they wrote and doing a traditional exchange of the rings.

For now, more planning awaits as the days until June 20th dwindle.


Ferry Ride Post-Proposal
Ferry Ride Post-Proposal

Lake Cruise to Elk Island

Departing from Colter Bay Marina
Departing from Colter Bay Marina


The view. The food. The company. I can’t tell you which was better. All I can tell you is that you must go on a Lake Cruise to Elk Island.


On the Way to Elk Island
On the Way to Elk Island


The boat departs from Colter Bay Village and heads toward Elk Island, cruising the deep blue water of Jackson Lake. Our boat captain and a narrator enlighten us on history, wildlife facts, and other tidbits about the area. Kids can participate in answering trivia about the Park and have an opportunity to join the captain in a special part of the trip.


The Dinner Location
The Dinner Location


We arrive at the island for the dinner cruise and we are greeted by picnic tables dressed in red and white checkers with the Tetons appearing just an arm’s reach away. Our dinner is set up buffet style with a twist; the food is served from a large canoe. Truly a party for the taste buds, meal items include a salad bar, watermelon, rolls, corn on the cob, a potato medley, trout, steak and a berry cobbler for dessert.


View of the Tetons from Elk Island
View of the Tetons from Elk Island


After dinner, it’s time to explore the island, walking the shoreline in awe of the Tetons just across the lake. A few couples stroll along, hand-in-hand and we all soak up the view with full bellies and peaceful minds. 

There are breakfast, dinner and non-meal Lake Cruises that depart from Colter Bay Marina. The trip is an inexpensive way to get out on Jackson Lake, experience stunning views of the Tetons and peruse Elk Island.

Posted From Katie’s Corner


Sunset Heading Back to Colter Bay Marina
Sunset Heading Back to Colter Bay Marina

Kids Walk on the Wild Side

For kids, Grand Teton National Park can be a pretty exciting place to explore. From their first Snake River float trip to seeing a 2400 pound bison, there are endless experiences to be shared.

Wildwalk Field Guide is a program that GTLC developed for families to discover the unique nature that surrounds us in the Park.


20090512113315728.pdf - Adobe Reader
Wildwalk Field Guide (available in color)


Illustrated and written by our employees, the guide features activities to educate kids on Park etiquette, adventures, the Junior Ranger Program, and much more. Kids follow Ranger Pat and Butterfly as they color, word search, check off, and photo hunt their way through the Park.

The guide provides a strong emphasis on Leave No Trace principles, an education program that teaches outdoor enthusiasts how to protect the places they love. Kids learn about the Leave No Trace principles including:

Plan ahead and prepare

Dispose of waste properly

Travel and camp on durable surfaces

Minimize campfire impacts

Respect wildlife

Be considerate of other visitors

When the guide is completed, kids can sign a Certificate of Achievement for learning and practicing these principles. The guide creates a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about and explore the Park.

Other great activities for families to enjoy:

Wagon Ride: Seasonal based on Jackson Lake Lodge to Colter Bay Village Wagon Road accessibility; interactive ride with wagon driver.

Snake River Wild & Scenic Float Trip: Participants must be large enough to fit the life vests properly (typically 6 yrs or older); interactive float – guide may allow assistance with oars as river safety allows.

Guided fishing on Jackson Lake: Originating at Colter Bay Marina – a great activity for the whole family; guided fly fishing excursions on the Snake River are also available.

Horseback Rides and Pony Rides: Horseback rides originate at Jackson Lake Lodge and Colter Bay Village – riders must be 8 years old to participate in the guided trail rides; riders under 8 yrs old can take a pony ride around the corral area instead.  Riding helmets are available.

Jackson Lake Cruise: Get your Jr. Boat Captain License by driving the Rendevous or Teewinot Cruisers; breakfast and dinner cruises include a meal on Elk Island with lots of areas to explore; activity originates at Colter Bay Marina.

Interpretive Bus Tour: Guided tours of Grand Teton and/or Yellowstone National Parks.

Jackson Lake Lodge Swimming Pool:  Open early June to early September – weather permitting.  The complex includes a full size outdoor pool, wading pool and playground.

Pool BBQ:  A Western-style BBQ dinner designed for the family is held at the Jackson Lake Lodge pool complex from late June through mid-August.  Enjoy live music and eating outside while taking advantage of lots of opportunities to make new friends.

Hiking: Over 250 miles to explore by foot.

National Park Service Interpretive Talk: Located on the west terrace at Jackson Lake Lodge, as well as other ranger programs at the Visitor Centers and the Laurance S. Rockefeller (LSR) Reserve.

History Walks: Join our company historian at Colter Bay Village.

Junior Park Ranger: Offered by the National Park Service at the Visitor Centers. 


Grand Teton National Park is the ultimate playground. For first time visitors of all ages, it is a breath-taking place. You feel an overwhelming sense of awe when you walk up the stairs of Jackson Lake Lodge and look through the 60 foot windows.  They unveil the magnificent peaks that appear as if you can just reach out and touch them. You have to pinch yourself and ask am I really here? When kids experience this at a young age it instills an appreciation for our environment and national parks that they will carry and share with their own families. We invite you to come play and stay awhile. All those “Are we there yets?” are worth every moment here.