Moosin’ Around Again…

Next week the staff of Grand Teton Lodge Company has promised to have my name.  It seems a lot of you have joined in the competition to come up with just the right one…I cannot wait to learn what it is!  In the meantime, I’ve been playing around alot. 

Since so many people have been interested in the lake cruise on Jackson Lake this summer, I decided to check it out for myself.  Wow was it fun!  Take a look at the photos my friends took of me along the way…

Moosin Around 029First I had to get a ticket for the trip.  The price was really reasonable…since as you know from my last adventure…I don’t get a very big allowance!

Moosin Around 017

Then I went inside to check in and met a new friend!  That’s me lookin’ up at him as we talked about the upcoming adventure to Elk Island!

Moosin Around 022

Then it was off to catch the boat cruise and see Jackson Lake!

Moosin Around 019

Before the captain came on board, I snuck up to his chair to see about a career change…he’s got a pretty big job!  That comfy captain’s chair is the TICKET!  I recommend that seat if you can grab it!

Moosin Around 020

Before we could leave, we had to learn all the steps for a safe trip.  So the captain took a moment to tell us about the safety measures on the boat…that’s me takin’ it all in.

We learned about the area along the way.  Our first mate was Biddy…I forgot to get a photo with her, but she had great stories.  She told us all about the Park and Jackson Lake and was pretty funny too!

About half way through the trip, we docked at a private island.  It was fun, there wasn’t anyone around and all the guests could hike and eat until they had their fill!

Moosin Around 025 

As you may know, I’m a moose and just like the other wildlife in the Park we aren’t supposed to eat human food, or we’ll certainly get sick.  So I just took a look at all there was to enjoy…

Moosin Around 024

Then I sat by the campfire.  Even though it was summertime, it was fun to watch all the familes.  They were playing with something called marshmallows and making this treat called s’mores. 

The kids sure thought it was fun that’s for sure!

Moosin Around 023

Eventually, with the sound of the dinnerbell, it was time to head back to the boat to conclude our adventure.  I hopped on the front of the boat for a quick photo opportunity before we left.

Special Tip:  If you are brining the kids, ask the captain about the Jr. Captain License…it’s a great way to add to the kids adventure!

Here’s something else you should know for your adventures in the Park.  We’re at high altitude and it is really dry here.  So it’s always good to drink lots and lots of water.  After our trip was over, I stopped by the water fountain for a drink so I didn’t get dehydrated after having so much fun! 

Moosin Around 031

Next time you are here, let me know…maybe I can be your escort for a fun-filled day in Grand Teton National Park!


Lake Cruise to Elk Island

Departing from Colter Bay Marina
Departing from Colter Bay Marina


The view. The food. The company. I can’t tell you which was better. All I can tell you is that you must go on a Lake Cruise to Elk Island.


On the Way to Elk Island
On the Way to Elk Island


The boat departs from Colter Bay Village and heads toward Elk Island, cruising the deep blue water of Jackson Lake. Our boat captain and a narrator enlighten us on history, wildlife facts, and other tidbits about the area. Kids can participate in answering trivia about the Park and have an opportunity to join the captain in a special part of the trip.


The Dinner Location
The Dinner Location


We arrive at the island for the dinner cruise and we are greeted by picnic tables dressed in red and white checkers with the Tetons appearing just an arm’s reach away. Our dinner is set up buffet style with a twist; the food is served from a large canoe. Truly a party for the taste buds, meal items include a salad bar, watermelon, rolls, corn on the cob, a potato medley, trout, steak and a berry cobbler for dessert.


View of the Tetons from Elk Island
View of the Tetons from Elk Island


After dinner, it’s time to explore the island, walking the shoreline in awe of the Tetons just across the lake. A few couples stroll along, hand-in-hand and we all soak up the view with full bellies and peaceful minds. 

There are breakfast, dinner and non-meal Lake Cruises that depart from Colter Bay Marina. The trip is an inexpensive way to get out on Jackson Lake, experience stunning views of the Tetons and peruse Elk Island.

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Sunset Heading Back to Colter Bay Marina
Sunset Heading Back to Colter Bay Marina