Three Perfect Days in the Tetons

For nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking to get away, Grand Teton Lodge has the perfect three day itinerary for you to get the most out of your time in the Tetons. From relaxing scenic cruises and hikes to exciting raft trips and more challenging treks, this schedule will make for some amazing memories.

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On your first day at Grand Teton Lodge, start your morning with a delicious and relaxing breakfast cruise on beautiful Jackson Lake where you will enjoy a fresh meal after a narrated tour across the lake. Spend your afternoon enjoying the breathtaking mountain and lake scenery of Grand View after a short hike. After you’ve built up an appetite on the hike you’ll be ready to grab a bite at the Mural Room where you will be treated not only to local buffalo, sustainable seafood, and organic beef, but also to even more amazing views. Whether you’re looking out the windows at the stunning natural assets or inward at some of Carl Roters’ amazing murals, the scenery and food will be fantastic.

The second day is filled with Teton activities that will get the whole crew excited. Start with a leisurely loop hike around Christian Pond, known for its water lilies and a large variety of water bird species. Give your feet a break and take a wild and scenic raft trip down the Snake River where our guides will lead you down 10 miles of river all the while describing the natural beauties that surround the river such as flora, fauna, and wildlife. End the day with a perfect night of relaxing under the pine trees or lounging in the pool while listening to live music and enjoying a wide selection of barbecue options from our grill.

Finish your Teton adventure with an activity that the whole family will enjoy. From our corral we offer pony rides for the kids, as well as wagon rides for the whole family that include a delicious cowboy style breakfast after traveling through the scenic Willow Flats area. After your morning adventure take the winding Hermitage Trail up to Hermitage Point. The Hermitage Trail is a relaxing day hike that won’t be too challenging even for novice hikers, and still provides beautiful scenery of flowers and lakes. End the third day with a tasty Ranch style dinner at our Ranch House Restaurant. Offering rustic comfort classics and western inspired eats, the Ranch House provides a down home experience for dinner.

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Enjoy the best that the Tetons has to offer and make the most of your time with us! After three days like this in the Tetons you’ll never want to leave!


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