Echo Day Success

Grand Teton Lodge Company Echo Day was held on August 7th 2010 and the day was a success! We had a perfect morning for the fence pull project and great attendance. We had 35 employees and one guest assist with the Echo Day Fence Pull.  The volun­teers pulled down the old buck and rail fence by Jackson Lake Lodge.  The re­moval of this fence will allow wildlife to freely pass thru the area without incident.  Volunteers received a t-shirt, water bottle and hat.  We accumulated 63 hours and 24 minutes of volunteer time for the Grand Teton National Park environment.

Ready to Go!
Taking the Fence Out of the Park
Many Hands Makes Light Work

2 Replies to “Echo Day Success”

  1. Grand Teton is my favorite place for vacations. I and my family stayed in the park and loved the views, the hikes and the abundant wildlife. We saw an ENTIRE wolf pack in the Teton National Forest. Bears are present near trails around North Jenny Lake. The best season to visit Grand Teton is between the Fourth of July and Labor Day, when the Northern Rockies come to life. Flowers bloom, fish jump, bison calves frolic and tourists tour. The park roads are crowded with trailers, with the well-known spots jammed with a significant portion of the millions who make their treks to Montana and Wyoming every year.

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