The Eyes Have It

Every once in a while, the opportunity prevails of itself to be the first on a rare photo opportunity in Grand Teton National Park.

Great Grey Owl

Last Saturday morning while driving the Moose- Wilson Road, just past the Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve, a motion out the left side of the car caught my attention.  Behold a Great Grey Owl (Stris nebulosa) rose from the earth, flared its wings, and landed, perched in a dead snag, looking in our direction.  The largest owl in North America, the head almost looked too big for its body. The yellow eyes and facial discs with concentric circles further emphasized the head size.  There were no ear tufts making it more easily identified – differentiating it from a Great Horned Owl.

Stay tuned for more chance photo opportunities.  Or better yet, come and visit for yourself, and bring your camera.

Article and photo by:

Don Wells, CIG

Interpretive Specialist

Grand Teton Lodge Company


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