Jackson Lake Lodge Opening Day!

Greeting the First Guest of the Season

Opening day is finally here for Jackson Lake Lodge, and the timing could not be more perfect. It is a beautiful spring day in Grand Teton National Park. The sun is shining, the wildlife are roaming, the ice and snow have melted from Jackson Lake, and the guests have arrived. Excitement floats in the air as the day unfolds. Our first guest arrived promptly at 10am and she was met with an outstanding welcome. It was the first time the  front doors have been unlocked since we closed last October and we are ready to provide quality service, excellent accommodations, and the experience of a lifetime for season 2010.

Jackson Lake Lodge has been busy all winter long in preparation for today. There have been several new developments for season 2010. First, the Blue Heron Lounge has been newly remodeled with new oak furnishings. As you can see below

Newly Refurnished Blue Heron

the remodel was a success, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. In addition to a new look, the Blue Heron has an awesome new menu to match. How does Oazaca Cheese & Smoked Mushroom Fondue with roasted chiles and parmesan bread sound? That is only one of the ten new Blue Heron Little Plate Specials. Each fantastic dish will be cooked and served right in the lounge. It sounds like the perfect place for a fun-filled night with friends!

Jackson Lake Lodge Business Center

The second fresh look we are proud to announce is the Jackson Lake Lodge Business Center. An entire room dedicated to our guests. It is the perfect place to check your emails, pay the bills, read about Tales from the Tetons and anything else you can think of on the internet! The computers just arrived with comfortable chairs and desks to match.

We are thrilled to state our accomplishments for opening day, but of course none of it would be possible without our superb employee’s who have devoted the last several weeks to learn the quality of hospitality and service Grand Teton Lodge Company offers. Overall, this means we cleaned the lodge, cottages, vehicles and pool from top to bottom. We memorized menus, history, locations and activities. We unpacked the boxes of fine merchandise, designed the stores and remembered how to run the registers. Every year its an adventure to open and it always ends with a fantastic product: a vacation destination located in Grand Teton National park!   We are delighted to welcome all of our guests to Season 2010 and we look forward to your arrival!




2 Replies to “Jackson Lake Lodge Opening Day!”

  1. The business center is an awesome idea !!! And the pictures of the blue Heron look great. I hope I can get out there and try the new menu this summer. Great job JLL staff!!! I hope you all have a great opening and an even better summer season.

  2. George,

    Thank you for your insight! We have updated the phrase on our activities page to be more accurate in describing our awesome park! Have a great afternoon!

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