June Wedding Spotlight Week One: Meredith & Webb

Canoeing the Buffalo River in Arkansas
Canoeing the Buffalo River in Arkansas




The wedding is just a few days away and bride Meredith is elated. With everything coming together, the two are ready to get married. The wedding party is beginning to arrive, with guests soon to follow. Annie, the maid-of-honor, arrived on Monday and after a few transportation hang ups, the groom Webb flew into Jackson this week.

“We are done with planning, now we are doing,” said Perrin, mother of the bride.

Meredith, Perrin and Annie stayed up into the wee hours on Monday night, finishing programs, place cards and other last minute tidbits.

The programs created a bit of an unexpected road bump. “We made all the paper products, we didn’t hire a calligrapher,” said Meredith. As they went to print the programs there was a slight problem. The paper was too heavy and it jammed the printer. The hunt was on for printing center, a difficult task when in a National Park. “We ran into Jackson and Staples printed the programs and cut them for us.”

Meredith had her final meeting with our Conference Planning Manager to sign off on what the event is going to look like. “There’s not much left to do,” said Meredith. She concluded a trip to Jackson for a final fitting of the dress before the wedding. 


Backpacking the Grand Teton National Park Crest Trail
Backpacking the Grand Teton National Park Crest Trail


After a full year of planning, Meredith offers this advice to fellow brides, “Give yourself time so you’re done days before your wedding. Don’t stay up the day before to do programs, because once you get close to the wedding you don’t want think about it anymore.” She recommends to spend the few days before the wedding relaxing and enjoying friends and family.

The two will certainly be relaxing post-wedding, with a honeymoon in the French Polynesian.

Everyone shares nothing but encouraging and full-hearted wishes for the couple. Annie wishes Meredith and Webb a lifetime full of wonderful memories. “I want them to walk hand in hand and experience life as a couple, best friends and partners,” said Annie. “They are selfless, hilarious, active, dedicated and kind.”

Groomsman Rashim laughed, “The first time I met Webb, he was wearing a hula skirt and coconut bra.” Eight years later, the two remain friends and Rashim describes the couple with one word:  incredible. “I hope Meredith does not come to her senses and backs out,” joked Rashim. With one more wish Rashim added, “I wish them children that don’t go bald at such an early age.”

Jackson Lake Lodge will welcome Meredith, Webb and their guests to celebrate their wedding on June 20th. We hope their new journey takes them down many roads of adventure, beauty, laughter and love.


I was still in college and webb flew to boulder to spend halloween with me. I lived with a bunch of girls and we decided to be rainbow bright and the color kids. I was green and Webb was the Sprite that travels around with him. It's a homemade costume complete with a glitter pouch that he threw everywhere all night.
Halloween 2004 Homemade Rainbow Bright and the Color Kids Costumes, Meredith as Green and Webb as Traveling Sprite Complete with a Glitter Pouch

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