Welcome to the Bakery

Pastry Chef John Clover and the Bakers
Pastry Chef John Clover, the Bakers, and a Few Hundred Dishes of Creme Brulee


John Clover comes into work at 4am. As Pastry Chef at GTLC, Clover has an important responsibility: to create delicious baked treats. The bakery produces a huge quantity of goods for Jackson Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village and Jenny Lake Lodge.

“The goal is to be a scratch kitchen,” says Clover. The bakery makes their own lamented dough by hand that is used for croissants and danishes, pretty impressive for the size of the outfit.

“We made 350 cookies yesterday,” says Clover. “We make five sheet trays of brownies everyday, five sheets trays of Teton Treats every other day it seems, and 40 gallons of ice cream—that’s just barely keeping up with what they’re asking for.”


Teton Treat
Teton Treat


Many of the items used are organic, including corn starch, baking powder, high-gluten flour, all-purpose flour, eggs and cream. “We recycle a ton,” adds Colver as piles of empty milk cartoons whiz by.

Clover is joined by a talented staff of seven and two interns will arrive to complete the team at the end of the month. “Everyone here has been to culinary school or taken some sort of baking courses and that makes a huge difference,” stated Clover. With 18 years of cooking experience and four years as a pastry chef, Clover is no stranger to the kitchen.

“I enjoy doing cakes,” said Clover, examining a sketch of a cake he’s making with a decorative drawing of a moose. It’s fun. It’s the creative outlet on what we do.”

Along with cakes, the bakery makes every type of bread imaginable. “It’s cool to see what we do as far as bread goes,” said Clover, “We put out more bread than I’ve seen in any other kitchen.”

There are 900 handmade rolls awaiting a banquet, a high volume bakery indeed. It takes about three or four hours to complete the bread baking process, the most time consuming item made.

The bakery aims for everyday continuous improvement. “We are trying to go from 80% purchased product to less and less everyday,” said Clover. For the restaurants the bakery produces 75% of the necessary items. A completely scratch bakery may not be too far in the future for GTLC.




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