June Wedding Spotlight Week Two: Meredith & Webb

Meredith and Webb at Waterton National Park in Canada
Meredith and Webb at Waterton National Park in Canada



With merely two weeks until wedding day, groom Webb is very excited. “I am looking forward to having friends and family with us to help celebrate an important moment in our lives, while enjoying one of our favorite places in the country.” As with Meredith, Webb believes Grand Teton National Park is a magical place.  “Jackson Lake Lodge is in the heart of it all with beautiful views and lots of activities for friends to really enjoy the area.”

Webb has been involved in planning the rehearsal dinner and some of the guest activities during the week before the wedding. With the date drawing near, Webb remains calm.

“Between wrapping up work and trying to nail down all the last details for the wedding, I haven’t had time to be nervous,” said Webb.  “I hope everyone else will be able to have as much fun as I know I will have.”
It didn’t take long for Webb to realize Meredith was his perfect complement. “There are so many times during our relationship where I recall knowing that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Meredith,” declared Webb.  “One time early in our relationship was after a trip to Thailand.  I don’t think we were ever more than a few hundred feet from one another and after we had spent a month together we were still enjoying each other’s company.”


Island Hopping in Southern Thailand
Island Hopping in Southern Thailand


Mother of the Bride, Perrin, holds no doubts about the couple as she believes they bring the best of themselves to the table. “They respect each other, are committed to each other and love each other. It’s a genuine friendship,” said Perrin. Her wishes for Meredith and Webb are a lifetime of love, devotion, adventure, happiness and laughter. “I am not worried about them at all. They have a wonderful, exciting life in front of them.”

At this point, everyone appears excited and ready for the wedding. Meredith and Webb have been planning for a year.   Perrin acted as a resource for the couple, smoothing out details since the two live in California. “They have been awesome in planning their event and their day,” said Perrin. She believes it is important for Meredith and Webb to be involved in planning their wedding, because it’s their memories and it’s what they want to create. “It’s something that will stay with them forever.”

Guests will arrive a few days before the event and many will stay a whole week.

“Seeing them begin their journey surrounded by family and friends and people who care about them and want to be part of their new adventure…my excitement comes from their excitement,” said Perrin.

The couple will tie the knot after nearly six and a half years of dating. Both are beaming as they prepare to begin their life together.  

“Meredith is pretty fantastic and I am definitely the lucky one,” said Webb. “Even today I am constantly reminded of how certain I am she is the right person for me.”


Rafting in Thailand
Rafting in Thailand

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