June Wedding Spotlight Week Three: Meredith & Webb


Meredith and Mother of the Bride Go Over Wedding Details
Meredith and Mother of the Bride Go Over Wedding Details



With three weeks to wedding day, Meredith flew into Jackson, Wyoming and met with her mother. “I am done with work now and can concentrate on the wedding,” said Meredith. “My biggest advice would be to take time off before you’re wedding.” Meredith won’t return to work until after the wedding, providing ample time to get into the wedding frame of mind and tackle the last bit of planning.

The wedding has a very natural theme, with wildflowers and colors of spring green, tans and browns. There is a wonderfully earthy ambiance. The couple is trying to stay very eco-friendly. Meredith and Webb are using recycled paper and biodegradable materials and holding as many events outside as possible. During the week of the wedding the bridal party will partake in horseback riding, hiking, and a dinner cruise—enjoying Grand Teton National Park as much as possible.

Even the dress is simple and natural. “It’s very Grecian, sort of a toga feel,” said Meredith. There’s no beading or lace or ruffles. “I’m just not a dress person, for most brides the dress is a huge deal. I don’t think I even have a dress in my wardrobe.” Meredith did not want the dress to detract from the magnificent view of the Tetons. “There is so much to look at when standing at that terrace; I needed something natural and organic.”

Annie, the Maid-of-Honor is a wedding planner and has helped the couple plan a big part of the wedding. “Being that I have a company, it went hand in hand. Matron of honor and wedding coordinator, they got a steal of a deal,” Annie laughed.

Meredith and Annie met eight years ago, when the two were Freshmen roommates at Colorado. “She is my best friend!” declared Annie. “I am excited to see Mere and Webb vow to each other to be together the rest of their lives….oh and I am stoked for the décor and venue!”

Even the bridesmaids’ dresses are something to look forward to. With four bridesmaids and one maid-of-honor, the ladies were able to choose between three different dress styles to wear. “They are summer at its peak!” said Annie. “A great color with a lot of personality….short, kicky and green.”  

Annie fully supports Meredith and Webb and is excited for the event and what awaits them. “I love Webb, he has done nothing but complete my already perfect friend,” said Annie. “He has made her happy and shown her how beautiful she is.”

With small details being planned out, the pieces are beginning to come together. “It feels so good to mark things off the list,” boasted Meredith. She approaches week two with optimism.


Meredith Arrives to Plan and Prepare
Meredith Arrives to Plan and Prepare

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