June Wedding Spotlight Week Four: Meredith & Webb

With so many weddings planned at Grand Teton Lodge Company, we decided to spotlight a new couple each month. We want to show you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to plan your wedding with us. We are chatting with the bride, groom, mother of bride, maid-of-honor, and a groomsman for insight on our June couple. We are asking about their pre-wedding thoughts, hopes, and nerves. Presenting our June Wedding Spotlight:
Meredith & Webb: June 2oth
Aurland, Norway
Aurland, Norway



At four weeks until wedding day, bride Meredith is feeling most anxious. She is working 40 hour weeks and planning the wedding. “This is a time when there’s so much to do, but can’t do any of it until I arrive at the wedding site,” said Meredith. “It’s that weird in between.”

On June 20, 2009 Meredith will marry Webb on the back terrace of Jackson Lake Lodge with 130 guests. Meredith chose Grand Teton National Park as her wedding site, because she could not imagine having her wedding anywhere else. “It embodies who Webb and I are,” said Meredith. Both share a love of the outdoors, are concerned about the environment and are National Park goers.


The Ring
The Ring

Webb proposed to Meredith while the couple was living in the UK and traveling to different countries on the weekends. On April 16, 2008 they were in Aurland, Norway, indulging in a boat cruise. “Webb asked what I wanted to do for sunset,” said Meredith. The couple hiked a bit and sat on a rocky ledge at the water. “I had no idea… he had this whole speech I kept interrupting. Even when he got down on one knee, I still didn’t know.” Webb pulled out the ring and in astonishment Meredith grabbed it and stood up. “I put the ring on myself,” laughed Meredith, as she realized this was a proposal. Because international calling was so expensive, the news had to wait a day or two. It wasn’t until later when Webb was recounting the event to a groomsman that Meredith was able to hear his speech in its entirety.

The couple prepares for their special day. “Getting married to your best friend is the most incredible thing,” said Meredith. But she is also excited about sharing the vows they wrote and doing a traditional exchange of the rings.

For now, more planning awaits as the days until June 20th dwindle.


Ferry Ride Post-Proposal
Ferry Ride Post-Proposal

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