Change In Plans

View from Mural Room Restaurant
View from Mural Room Restaurant


We at Grand Teton Lodge Company know how rewarding a vacation can be. It offers an escape to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It allows us to take a deep breath and let our stresses float up and away.

We live in scheduled chaos, where between appointments, meetings, and conferences, we have to pick up the kids, cook dinner, walk the dog, pay the bills, and clean the house. Where is that moment to ourselves? When can we put our feet up and relax?

Traveling is a way to remove ourselves from the hectic environments that surround us.  As U.S. travel warnings have recently changed, exploring America’s backyard is a feasible alternative. Grand Teton National Park offers the serenity and beauty of a resort, with the ability to explore mountains, lakes, and rivers, and view several species of plant and wildlife.

There are many options to get away from the crowds. From a scenic lake cruise with a cowboy breakfast on Elk Island to participating in a Junior Ranger program, Jackson Lake Lodge provides guests of all ages with a variety of activities to customize a vacation experience in the spectacular setting of Grand Teton National Park.


Take a Cruise to Elk Island
Take a Cruise to Elk Island


May 18 through June 21 GTLC is offering a “Change In Plans” package, which includes a $179 room rate for a classic cottage and a buffet breakfast for two in the Mural Room Restaurant at Jackson Lake Lodge each morning. The offer is for new bookings, based on availability, and is not valid with groups. A change in plans shouldn’t have to cost more change. 

How have your travel plans changed in recent months?  Please leave a comment and let us know in addition to activities that interest you on a vacation!

To learn more about the “Change In Plans” package call reservations at 800-628-9988.


Teton Range from Oxbow Bend
Teton Range from Oxbow Bend

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