‘Tis the Season for Hungry Trout

Jackson Lake Dam
Jackson Lake Dam


Grand Teton National Park offers ample opportunities for fishing. Guides can help visitors find places to fish in Jackson Lake or in one of our many streams or rivers. There are several great spots to fish in the Park, including Leigh Lake, Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake, String Lake, Snake River, and many of the backcountry areas.

Locals enjoy fishing this time of year because of the quiet atmosphere.  There are several native species in the Park, including Longnose Dace, Redside Shiner, and Mottled Sculpin. Some non-native species include Utah Chub, Arctic Grayling, and Rainbow Trout. 


Looking Down on Jackson Lake Dam
Looking Down on Jackson Lake Dam


Matt, a GTLC employee, caught a hefty Lake Trout (non-native) on the evening of May 4th just below the Jackson Lake Dam using a Crawdad Jig. The fish weighed in at seven pounds and was 30 inches long. Interestingly, it also had a 12 inch trout in its belly. 


Matt with his Catch
Matt with his Catch


“It took me 10 minutes to bring this ‘bad boy’ in on six pounds of test line (how strong the fishing line is),” said Matt.

Matt, who recalls learning to fish since he could walk, finds the pastime relaxing and rewarding. “Fishing tests your patience, brings your awareness to your environment, and warps your mind into a fishing trance.”


On the Cutting Board
On the Cutting Board


GTLC provides guides at Colter Bay Marina and the Snake River. A fishing license is required and can be purchased at the Marina along with tackle, bait, and boat rentals.

Although Matt claims Trout are hungry in the spring and will eat most everything thrown in, he also offers these words of wisdom:

“Don’t try and catch fish; try only to enjoy the experience. For most times, you will walk back empty handed.”

For further information regarding fishing in Grand Teton National Park, please visit our website at www.gtlc.com or the National Park website at www.nps.gov/grte.


Jackson Lake Dam
Jackson Lake Dam

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