Jenny Lake Lodge the best of Grand Teton National Park

Jenny Lake Lodge Cabin

Jenny Lake Lodge Cabin with the Tetons in the Background

Service, dining, and location define Jenny Lake Lodge. Jenny Lake Lodge is a boutique Four Diamond property like no other with at a tradition of excellence for nearly 100 years, 1922.

Location – The heart of Grand Teton National Park. Jenny Lake Lodge is the closest property in Grand Teton National Park to the Town of Jackson, Teton Village, and iconic areas like Jenny Lake and String Lake. As well as the closest 4 Diamond property to Yellowstone. At Jenny Lake Lodge you will walk under massive wood timbers in the Lodge then gaze and awe at the majesty of the Grand Teton from the front porch.

Dining – A dining experience not to be missed in Grand Teton National Park is the Jenny Lake Lodge.  Serving a 5 course meal with a nightly rotating menu this elegant yet rustic experience will wow even the most refined palate.

Accommodations – Comfort is the key to the warm feel provided at Jenny Lake Lodge. We offer a serine log cabin in Grand Teton National Park. Our cabins are quant and individually unique. Experience the thrill of how many stars are in the sky and the silence of the night with no ambient light or noise.

Activities – No matter how you choose to spend your time. Jenny Lake Lodge will have something for everyone. Best of all our qualified concierge team can manage your every request.

  • Horseback riding – One of the best ways to enjoy Grand Teton National Park is to do in a similar fashion to the early settlers. In typical Wyoming West fashion saddle up and explore one of the many trails our knowledgeable wranglers love.
  • Cruiser Bicycles – Bring your own, or enjoy a Jenny Lake Lodge cruiser style bicycle. There are miles of bike paths available that extend from Jenny Lake Lodge to String Lake, Jenny Lake, and the town of Jackson.
  • String Lake – Your beach at the base of the Mountains. Only a short walk away from Jenny Lake Lodge is String Lake is a true gem of Grand Teton National Park. This mountain lake is quickly warmed to a refreshing temperature for swimming in one of the clearest mountain Lakes you can imagine. Paddle Board, Canoe, or kayaks are all seen in String Lake.
  • Rafting – A trip to Grand Teton National Park is not complete without a raft trip down the Snake River. Jenny Lake Lodge offers a leisurely cruise that focuses on the interpretive knowledge of our raft guides. While searching for Elk, Moose, Bald Eagle, Bison, and River Otters our guides will share history, geological expertise, and local lore.
  • Scenic Lake Cruises – A scenic boat ride on Jackson Lake is an experience offered in the shadows of Mt Moran where it appears the mountain was created from the depths of the lake. Our knowledgeable staff including, an interpretive specialist, will guide you through the many changes seen in Grand Teton from the comfort of our newly refurbished boat. As an extra bonus take a meal cruise to uninhabited Elk Island and enjoy a steak and trout dinner, full breakfast, or boxed lunch.
  • Fishing – The Snake River in Grand Teton National Park is Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing grounds.  Relaxing on the crisp clear river while fishing for the prized Rainbow trout is a true fisherman dreams come true.

Nearby Hikes – If hiking is your thing the Jenny Lake Lodge is for you. Each of the premier hikes that depart from the Jenny Lake Lodge are individually spectacular.

  • String Lake – There are miles and miles of hiking in Grand Teton National Park. One of the friendliest with the best views is String Lake. The majority of the hike you are staring at either the massive Grand Teton or Mt. Moran. The special days are those where the air is calm and you can see the reflections in the Lake while you hike. (Friendly for most levels)
  • Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point – One of the true Iconic Hikes of Grand Teton National Park. This hike will allow you to view a magnificent water fall where you can feel the mist from the roaring water on exposed rock as well as visiting a scenic vista overlooking the Valley. For those looking for an even longer excursion Cascade Canyon extend for miles more.   (Moderate level)
  • Paintbrush Canyon – This beautiful hike is one of the most serene excursions you will encounter. After crossing between Leah Lake and String Lake you will begin a hike that will climb and carry you into the tall timber found at higher levels. (Intense level)

So whether you are looking to get the family outside to connect with one another, or you have come with specific goals and want to hike the Grand, bike the Loop, and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Jenny Lake Lodge is for you. We are situated perfectly and prepared to pamper you after a long day or week in Grand Teton National Park. or call 800-628-9988

Three Perfect Days in the Tetons

For nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking to get away, Grand Teton Lodge has the perfect three day itinerary for you to get the most out of your time in the Tetons. From relaxing scenic cruises and hikes to exciting raft trips and more challenging treks, this schedule will make for some amazing memories.

mountain photo blog

On your first day at Grand Teton Lodge, start your morning with a delicious and relaxing breakfast cruise on beautiful Jackson Lake where you will enjoy a fresh meal after a narrated tour across the lake. Spend your afternoon enjoying the breathtaking mountain and lake scenery of Grand View after a short hike. After you’ve built up an appetite on the hike you’ll be ready to grab a bite at the Mural Room where you will be treated not only to local buffalo, sustainable seafood, and organic beef, but also to even more amazing views. Whether you’re looking out the windows at the stunning natural assets or inward at some of Carl Roters’ amazing murals, the scenery and food will be fantastic.

The second day is filled with Teton activities that will get the whole crew excited. Start with a leisurely loop hike around Christian Pond, known for its water lilies and a large variety of water bird species. Give your feet a break and take a wild and scenic raft trip down the Snake River where our guides will lead you down 10 miles of river all the while describing the natural beauties that surround the river such as flora, fauna, and wildlife. End the day with a perfect night of relaxing under the pine trees or lounging in the pool while listening to live music and enjoying a wide selection of barbecue options from our grill.

Finish your Teton adventure with an activity that the whole family will enjoy. From our corral we offer pony rides for the kids, as well as wagon rides for the whole family that include a delicious cowboy style breakfast after traveling through the scenic Willow Flats area. After your morning adventure take the winding Hermitage Trail up to Hermitage Point. The Hermitage Trail is a relaxing day hike that won’t be too challenging even for novice hikers, and still provides beautiful scenery of flowers and lakes. End the third day with a tasty Ranch style dinner at our Ranch House Restaurant. Offering rustic comfort classics and western inspired eats, the Ranch House provides a down home experience for dinner.

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Enjoy the best that the Tetons has to offer and make the most of your time with us! After three days like this in the Tetons you’ll never want to leave!

A Sustainable Mindset

At Grand Teton Lodge Company we’re lucky to have such a beautiful natural environment to work in, and we want to preserve that for generations to come. That’s why we have a focus on sustainability.

Jackson LodgeOver the past decade we’ve made plenty of changes to support sustainability. With our Jackson Lake Lodge renovations we introduced benefits such as high efficiency lighting, low flow water fixtures, green cleaning products, and so much more. We’re working to make our lodging better for our customers and better for the environment.

We also support healthy and sustainable living for our customers through organic, natural, and local products served in our restaurants, as well as our ‘Hiking to be Healthy’ program that utilizes our expansive trail system as a fun healthy activity for all.

Hiking Lunch Tree Hill at Jackson Lake Lodgemodel released

Lastly, we encourage you, the visitor, to take our ‘Sustainable Stay Pledge’ that entails turning down daily housekeeping and turning off lights and heat when leaving the room, among other things. We’ll give you a reusable bag, water bottle, and $5 off each night to say thank you and help you increase your sustainability.

Will you take the pledge?

Love Your Summer at Grand Teton National Park

The snow is melting and the flowers are beginning to bloom. It’s the perfect time to plan a trip to Grand Teton National Park. Our summer season is starting soon with three of our beautiful lodges opening up in the coming weeks.

Jackson Lake Lodge – Opens May 19th

Jackson Lake Lodge

Jackson Lake Lodge

Jackson Lake Lodge is the largest of all the eco-friendly resorts in the park. As the “eco-center” of Grand Teton Lodge Company, the lodge offers plenty of activities. Housed within the lodge is several Jackson Hole restaurants, retail shops and a heated pool. Nearby outdoor activities include park tours, and river float tours. The lodge opens May 19th.




Colter Bay Village – Opens May 22nd

Colter Bay Docks

Colter Bay Docks

Colter Bay Village is located right on the shores of Jackson Lake with the majestic Grand Tetons as a backdrop. Vacationers can choose to stay in authentic Jackson Hole homestead cabins, or tent cabins, campsites or an RV resort. Miles of hiking trails, a museum, horseback riding, canoe rentals and guided fishing trips are just a few of the outdoor activities guests can enjoy. The lodge opens on May 22nd.


Jenny Lake Lodge – Opens June 1st

Jenny Lake Cabin

Jenny Lake Cabin

Jenny Lake is the only 4-diamond eco resort in the Park and is ideal for those seeking the finest service and lodging. Guests enjoy a daily gourmet breakfast and five-course dinner, horse back rides and bike rentals. Since 1920, Jenny Lake Lodge has welcomed travelers with rustic elegance. Even time sitting on the porch in a rocking chair can be a surreal experience.




What are you waiting for? Start planning your Grand Teton adventure and book today.

Which Grand Teton Lodge is your favorite?



A Spring Awakening

My name is Johanna, I work in Grand Teton National Park at the Grand Teton Lodge Company and I have a unique situation at the Jackson Lake Lodge; I am the only employee to commute from Jackson to Moran every day. Some people think this is crazy, and sometimes I do too with blizzard conditions in the winter and animal jams in the summer. Though for the most part, my commute is spectacular.

Moonset over the Tetons one early winter morning.

Moonset over the Tetons one early winter morning.

A storm rolls in over the Tetons as I commute home after work.

A storm rolls in over the Tetons as I commute home after work.

Door to door, with no snow or buffalo jams, it takes 45 min. My commute never takes 45 min. This is because of the reasons I just mentioned, plus I love to take pictures. Between the mountains, sunrises, sunsets, and endless amount of wildlife, I always have my iPhone ready.

Its spring time here in the Grand Teton National park, which means my down coat is replaced with a lighter one, my warm winter hat is traded for a trucker hat, and my Sorel boots are swapped for rain boots. But what is most enjoyable is that the animals have become energetic.

I wanted to share my adventure of a commute with everyone because in the last week I have seen more wildlife than ever before. Elk, buffalo, bears, antelope, moose, and mule deer have walked right past my car and I have been lucky enough to capture it. Here are my pictures from this week, and its only Tuesday.

A moose grazing in the field one morning.

A moose grazing in the field one morning.

A buffalo in the road, a common occurance.

A buffalo in the road, a common occurance.

A grizzly and her two cubs strolled right past my car on my way home from work.

A grizzly and her two cubs strolled right past my car on my way home from work.

An elk clearly stating that this land is his.

An elk clearly stating that this land is his.

As a girl who used to commute up to two hours in traffic in D.C., I’d take this drive any day.

Walk on the Wild Side & Music at Jackson Lake Lodge

We invite you to Jackson Lake Lodge for a special evening of music, learning, and experiencing our National Park.


Bring your family and friends to Jackson Lake Lodge for a night in the Park on Wednesday, June 29, 2011! Performances from Grand Teton Music Festival String Quartet, will present twice starting at 5:00pm and 6:00pm in the lobby. Enjoy the view overlooking the Willow Flats and Jackson Lake while listening to harmonious music inspired by the Park. Most recent wildlife sightings include; grizzly bear, elk, wolves, and moose! Following the live music, we are thrilled to host Grand Teton National Park, Division Chief of Science and Resource Management for an educational program, Walk on the Wild Side in the Trappers Room at 7:00pm.  Events are complimentary and open to everyone. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm for Grand Teton National Park!

For more details please see below or visit our website calendar of events  for other Grand Teton Lodge Company programs.

Music in Nature

Outstanding natural beauty inspired both the creation of our national parks, and the creation of great music. Enjoy a fusion of music and nature while listening to the Grand Teton Music Festival String Quartet in residence at Grand Teton National Park. The quartet will perform classical music inspired by nature’s grandeur in the Jackson Lake Lodge lobby, often accompanied by a park ranger. These programs are free and open to the public, come and enjoy beautiful music in a spectacular setting! Performances start at 5:00pm and 6:00pm.

Walk on the Wild Side

Spend an evening with Sue Consolo-Murphy,Grand Teton National Park, Division Chief of Science and Resource Management for a discussion on current Park wild life and resource management issues:

  • How many new Wolf packs are in the Tetons?
  • What’s happening with the Grizzly Bear?
  • Do we really have Mountain Lions in the Tetons?
  • Can Pikas really detect climate change?
  • Why are Pine Bark Beetles attacking our trees?
  • Where are our glaciers going?
  • What are aquatic nuisances and why should we be concerned?

Join this special event in the Jackson Lake Lodge Trappers Room on Wednesday, June 29th, at 7:00pm. This program is free and open to the public.

The Ewes Have It

Photos by Don Wells

“…better than any other animals the bighorns typify the Tetons.”
-Fritiof Fryxell, 1938

An early season visit to the National Elk Refuge in Jackson found a herd of bighorn sheep working the Miller Butte area.  Very comfortable with our presence, it was a great opportunity to observe and photograph these seldom seen inhabitants of this Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Some ewes appeared ready to lamb, so follow-up visits are definitely on the shortlist of things to accomplish.

Derived from a much larger bighorn sheep complex that historically lived in northwest Wyoming, numbering perhaps 100-125, Wyoming’s smallest and most isolated native herd of bighorn sheep, the Teton Range bighorn sheep resides year-round at high elevation in Grand Teton National Park and surrounding National Forests.  This population’s hold on the future is tenuous owing to its small size, likely isolation and the combined effects of loss of historic winter ranges, habitat alteration due to fire suppression and threats posed by increasing recreation in and near important seasonal ranges. has been studied.  A three-year collaborative study has just been completed to improve the understanding of how and why bighorn sheep use the Teton landscape through identifying locations, characteristics, and use patterns of seasonal habitats and movement corridors by collecting data from GPS radio-collared bighorn ewes.  Furthermore, a better understanding of the relationship between human activities and sheep habitat use is needed to evaluate whether sheep avoid high human use areas and to devise appropriate management strategies.  Additional information on the study project is available at

Wondering how this Elk Refuge population relates to the Teton Range bighorn sheep population, a phone call was made to the National Elk Refuge for information.  According to Eric Cole, Refuge Biologist, with the development of the National Elk Refuge, a relatively new bighorn population now winters on the Refuge.  This year saw a record population estimated to be around 75 animals.  This herd’s Summer home is the Gros Ventre range rather than the Teton range and as the snow melts and suitable food sources become available, this herd will migrate to the summer range high in the Gros Ventre range.  Cole indicated lambing generally occurs in early June which makes this is an outstanding time to visit the Elk Refuge to view these seldom seen animals.

Grand Teton National Park is just 310,000 acres of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that is estimated to be between 12—18 million acres. This is one of the largest intact temperate-zone ecosystems on Earth today.  Only in this Ecosystem exists the largest free-roaming, wild herd of Bison in the world, one of the largest Elk herds in North America, one of two Grizzly populations in the contiguous US, the longest migration of native Pronghorns of any North American mammal, and home to the Teton Range bighorn sheep.  Visit often and stay a while, youlee be amazed at what you can see.

From Don’s Corner

3 Ways to Enjoy Grand Teton National Park this Spring

Welcome springtime in Grand Teton National Park! There are already signs of a new season approaching. With the arrival of the spring melt we see the Snake River  rushing, river otters playing, trumpeter swans swimming, and moose munching on willows. These are all sure signs that Jackson Hole and Grand Teton Lodge Company are coming out of winter hibernation!

Three moose seen this April munching on willows

If you have Spring Fever and are ready for your summer vacation in the mountains, let us help you plan your mountain getaway for family and friends with our Grand Teton National Park packages.

The Grand Adventure Package

A Grand Teton National Park Exploration

The Grand Adventure Package is an all-inclusive package that offers a true discovery of Grand Teton National Park.  This package was designed for the family to explore the majestic scenery, wildlife and activities of the Park for all ages. The key to this package is the amount of activities to participate in; from river rafting on the beautiful Snake River, hiking and horseback riding in one of Americas most treasured and historic National Parks to boat cruises on Jackson Lake below the statuesque Teton Mountain Range to touring our neighboring town of Jackson or Yellowstone National Park.  Create a family experience to last a lifetime.

Hot Dates: May 20-June 20, 2011 and September 15-October 1, 2011 ~ Receive 20% Off Lodging!

Stay & Play Package

A Grand Teton National Park Skins and Fins Experience

Yes you read it right! Where is a more fantastic place on earth for dedicated golfers and fisherman than Grand Teton National Park?  This is a package created for that special outing with friends that may come only every so often. Golf at the beautiful Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club located just outside of the Park. Don’t be surprised to see moose munching on nearby greens while gazing at the entire Teton Mountain Range on iconic 13th hole. Spend a day hiking in the inspiring mountains. Catch the “big one” with an incredible day of fly fishing on the Snake River with a private guide. Grab your friends and let the adventure begin!

Give & Getaway Package

A Way to Give Back in Grand Teton National Park

A new year is here and so is a brand new Give & Getaway package.  This summer from June 6th through 9th, volunteers who work alongside Teton Science Schools employees to preserve the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will receive 20% off their lodging.  Working, on Vacation? With this package volunteer your vacation time to give back to the environment. Experience the Jackson Hole Region on a whole different level by participating in a Willow Restoration Program and a Trail Extension Project. In addition to volunteering partake in an interactive education class about the ecology, plant communities, and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Find a getaway that sounds right for you? Call one of our Package Specialist for more information at 800-628-9988. For more mountain vacation options visit our packages web page, please click: Packages