Walk on the Wild Side & Music at Jackson Lake Lodge

We invite you to Jackson Lake Lodge for a special evening of music, learning, and experiencing our National Park.


Bring your family and friends to Jackson Lake Lodge for a night in the Park on Wednesday, June 29, 2011! Performances from Grand Teton Music Festival String Quartet, will present twice starting at 5:00pm and 6:00pm in the lobby. Enjoy the view overlooking the Willow Flats and Jackson Lake while listening to harmonious music inspired by the Park. Most recent wildlife sightings include; grizzly bear, elk, wolves, and moose! Following the live music, we are thrilled to host Grand Teton National Park, Division Chief of Science and Resource Management for an educational program, Walk on the Wild Side in the Trappers Room at 7:00pm.  Events are complimentary and open to everyone. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm for Grand Teton National Park!

For more details please see below or visit our website calendar of events  for other Grand Teton Lodge Company programs.

Music in Nature

Outstanding natural beauty inspired both the creation of our national parks, and the creation of great music. Enjoy a fusion of music and nature while listening to the Grand Teton Music Festival String Quartet in residence at Grand Teton National Park. The quartet will perform classical music inspired by nature’s grandeur in the Jackson Lake Lodge lobby, often accompanied by a park ranger. These programs are free and open to the public, come and enjoy beautiful music in a spectacular setting! Performances start at 5:00pm and 6:00pm.

Walk on the Wild Side

Spend an evening with Sue Consolo-Murphy,Grand Teton National Park, Division Chief of Science and Resource Management for a discussion on current Park wild life and resource management issues:

  • How many new Wolf packs are in the Tetons?
  • What’s happening with the Grizzly Bear?
  • Do we really have Mountain Lions in the Tetons?
  • Can Pikas really detect climate change?
  • Why are Pine Bark Beetles attacking our trees?
  • Where are our glaciers going?
  • What are aquatic nuisances and why should we be concerned?

Join this special event in the Jackson Lake Lodge Trappers Room on Wednesday, June 29th, at 7:00pm. This program is free and open to the public.

The Ewes Have It

Photos by Don Wells

“…better than any other animals the bighorns typify the Tetons.”
-Fritiof Fryxell, 1938

An early season visit to the National Elk Refuge in Jackson found a herd of bighorn sheep working the Miller Butte area.  Very comfortable with our presence, it was a great opportunity to observe and photograph these seldom seen inhabitants of this Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Some ewes appeared ready to lamb, so follow-up visits are definitely on the shortlist of things to accomplish.

Derived from a much larger bighorn sheep complex that historically lived in northwest Wyoming, numbering perhaps 100-125, Wyoming’s smallest and most isolated native herd of bighorn sheep, the Teton Range bighorn sheep resides year-round at high elevation in Grand Teton National Park and surrounding National Forests.  This population’s hold on the future is tenuous owing to its small size, likely isolation and the combined effects of loss of historic winter ranges, habitat alteration due to fire suppression and threats posed by increasing recreation in and near important seasonal ranges. has been studied.  A three-year collaborative study has just been completed to improve the understanding of how and why bighorn sheep use the Teton landscape through identifying locations, characteristics, and use patterns of seasonal habitats and movement corridors by collecting data from GPS radio-collared bighorn ewes.  Furthermore, a better understanding of the relationship between human activities and sheep habitat use is needed to evaluate whether sheep avoid high human use areas and to devise appropriate management strategies.  Additional information on the study project is available at http://tetonsheepproject.blogspot.com/

Wondering how this Elk Refuge population relates to the Teton Range bighorn sheep population, a phone call was made to the National Elk Refuge for information.  According to Eric Cole, Refuge Biologist, with the development of the National Elk Refuge, a relatively new bighorn population now winters on the Refuge.  This year saw a record population estimated to be around 75 animals.  This herd’s Summer home is the Gros Ventre range rather than the Teton range and as the snow melts and suitable food sources become available, this herd will migrate to the summer range high in the Gros Ventre range.  Cole indicated lambing generally occurs in early June which makes this is an outstanding time to visit the Elk Refuge to view these seldom seen animals.

Grand Teton National Park is just 310,000 acres of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that is estimated to be between 12—18 million acres. This is one of the largest intact temperate-zone ecosystems on Earth today.  Only in this Ecosystem exists the largest free-roaming, wild herd of Bison in the world, one of the largest Elk herds in North America, one of two Grizzly populations in the contiguous US, the longest migration of native Pronghorns of any North American mammal, and home to the Teton Range bighorn sheep.  Visit often and stay a while, youlee be amazed at what you can see.

From Don’s Corner

Favorite Fall Activities

September through October is an exciting time of year in Grand Teton National Park. The transition from summer to fall started with a slight chill in the air and turned into crisp frost in the morning. Although, the temperature has dropped at night the days are still warm and average temperatures are in the mid 70′s. The perfect weather for fall fun!

Colorful views of a Cottonwood grove while on the Wild & Scenic Raft Trip

This season in the Park expect to find perfect photo’s with the golden-yellow aspen leaves. The wildlife have grown fast and big through the summer and are now preparing for their fall rituals. The elk now have large dark-colored antlers, and have spent all season growing them to prepare for fall rut. Listen for the bugles of elk while hiking through the Park. The fall is an amazing time to experience the Park to its fullest and Grand Teton Lodge Company can provide the gateway to explore Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole with our many activities.

We offer an activity for everyone, families, couples, large or small groups we can find the right one for you. Our fall adventures include, horse back rides on  short or long trips through groves of aspens, sagebrush fields,  and showcase grand views of the Teton Mountain Range.  Wild & scenic raft trips will take you on a  journey down the Snake River which winds through the valley floor through Grand Teton National Park. The raft trips bring a new delight around each bend of the river with bald eagles, beaver, elk, moose, river otter, and water fowl that all frequently visit and live along the river. Discover the diverse flora and fauna of the Park as you raft through the aspens, cottonwood groves, and tall spruce trees. Explore Jackson Lake on our scenic lake cruises and learn about the history of Grand Teton National Park while enjoying stunning views of mountains. Travel the Grand Teton National Park & Yellowstone National Park bus tours to find the best picture perfect spots in the Park.  Guided fly fishing is also available to those fisherman seeking to catch the variety of trout found in the Snake River. A day at our lodges offers  guided history and wildlife tours as well as,  Ranger led programs. Sign up for fall fun and learn more on our website http://www.gtlc.com, or call our activities desk at 307-543-2811. We hope to hear from you soon!

Mount Moran at Oxbow Bend

Echo Day Success

Grand Teton Lodge Company Echo Day was held on August 7th 2010 and the day was a success! We had a perfect morning for the fence pull project and great attendance. We had 35 employees and one guest assist with the Echo Day Fence Pull.  The volun­teers pulled down the old buck and rail fence by Jackson Lake Lodge.  The re­moval of this fence will allow wildlife to freely pass thru the area without incident.  Volunteers received a t-shirt, water bottle and hat.  We accumulated 63 hours and 24 minutes of volunteer time for the Grand Teton National Park environment.

Ready to Go!

Taking the Fence Out of the Park

Many Hands Makes Light Work

Grand Teton Lodge Company Echo Day

Grand Teton Lodge Company will participate in a Fence Pull across from Jackson Lake Lodge as part of our contribution for Echo Day on August 7, 2010. The Fence Pull results in allowing wildlife to pass freely throughout the area without being injured. We are inviting members of the Jackson Hole Community and our guests of Grand Teton Lodge Company to volunteer with our employees for an hour of their day and to be part of this effort to improve our environment of Grand Teton National Park.

If this activity sounds like the perfect way to give back to the environment we are excited to have you participate! Plan on meeting at the Jackson Lake Lodge Corrals at 10am on Saturday morning. If possible wear long pants and work type clothes, gloves will be provided for your safety. This event is from 10am-5pm, but even an hour of your time will be a huge contribution to the Fence Pull!

If you want to learn more about what really happens at a Fence Pull please read our blog “The Clearing of Devil’s Rope”. Also, to find more information about Vail Resorts Echo Day – click here!

When: August 7th
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
What: Continue/complete fence pull across from Jackson Lake Lodge
Where: Meet at JLL Corrals
Who: All GTLC Employees, Community, Guests, National Park Service

Bus Tour to Yellowstone National Park

Did you know Grand Teton National Park is included in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem? Yellowstone National Park is only 40 miles away from Jackson Lake Lodge, and is connected to Grand Teton National Park. The Bus Tour to Yellowstone National Park is the perfect way to see and explore the northern part of Grand Teton National Park and the lower loop of Yellowstone National Park. The tour begins at Jackson Lake Lodge and leaves at 8:30am. (You do not have to worry about lunch, because a boxed lunch is packed and already waiting on the bus.) The tour bus is cozy with large windows so one can easily spot wildlife and see the awesome sights of this unique and awesome terrain. Warren, the tour guide and driver greets all of his guests, and the journey takes off. Be prepared to soak up some great knowledge, because while on the road Warren goes into detail about the landscape, wildlife, and interesting facts about both parks.

The Grand Teton Lodge Company Tour Bus departs for Yellowstone National Park Entrance

The first stop along the way is the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. This location offers views of the Snake River, as well as a possible Grizzly Bear sighting. Warren mentioned he had seen the bear twice here before, and you never know when the bear may be back. No bear at this stop, but it did have the iconic Yellowstone sign which is ideal for pictures! After, the entrance and photo shoot it was on to the West Thumb Geyser Basin.

Entrance to Yellowstone National Park

Geyser at West Thumb Geyser Basin

Geyser in Yellowstone Lake

West Thumb Geyser Basin is only thirty minutes from the entrance of the Park and offers terrific views of Yellowstone Lake, and a variety of bubbling steaming geysers. These unique water features occur when there is a hot spot of lava near the surface of the earths crust, and Yellowstone National Park is full of these pockets of geysers. The first geyser is a deep sapphire-green color which is caused from bacteria found only in water with constant hot temperatures. Makes for some awesome photo’s! The second geyser pictured formed a cone along the shores of Yellowstone Lake, it was neat to see it bubble under the water. (boardwalks encompass the entire basin to ensure one is safe when walking around.)

Old Faithful Geyser

Grand Prismatic Springs

The second scenic location the tour travels to is known world-wide as Old Faithful. This geyser basin is famous because of the Old Faithful geyser and its predictable time of eruption every 90 minutes. What people do not know is that there are more awesome geysers there to see and discover if one just takes ten minutes to hike the surrounding area. Old Faithful was a great stop to experience an awesome geyser, and eat a delicious lunch! After Old Faithful, another famous stop was next on the list known as Grand Prismatic Springs. This hot spring has been featured on the cover of several magazines due to its amazing colors when seen from above. It was awesome to witness the brilliant colors in this spring, although hard to capture on film from eye level because the geyser was so large!

Lower Falls

Artist Point

It is hard to believe but there is still more scenic views to this tour! The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone as pictured above was by far one of the most favorite and picturesque locations of the tour. Yellowstone River flows through this canyon, and tour stopped at the lower falls, and upper falls of this river. It was an excellent way to see the falls up close and from a distance. A fun-fact learned from Warren was that this canyon is the reason Yellowstone National Park received its name, look at the yellow rock along the walls.

Bison in Hayden Valley

Warren in Front of Yellowstone Lake

What about the wildlife? The drive through the beautiful Hayden Valley on the way back to the Tetons held many herds of Bison scattered across green fields. Elk were also seen along the roadside, and as the bus returned to Grand Teton National Park a young adult Grizzly Bear was seen only ten feet from the road! It was so close to the highway it would have been dangerous to leave the bus. It is amazing to think how many  wonders of the world can be experienced in just one day! This tour was a day trip filled with geysers, waterfalls, and wildlife in a remote yet astonishing place known as the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Looking for inspiration, its only a day tour away!

4th of July Celebrations

4th of July with Grand Teton Lodge Company was a weekend of celebration of our Nation’s birthday! The weekend events started on July 3rd with the fabulous Jackson Hole Community Band playing a selection of patriot ballads. They were followed by Granite Youth Symphony who entertained with delightful melodies.  It was a proud day to be an American with the lovely musical selections played in Jackson Lake Lodge and the astonishing Teton Mountain Range in the background. Grand Teton Lodge Company was honored to host both the Jackson Hole Community Band and Granite Youth Symphony and thank them for their for the memorable performances!

Granite Youth Symphony

Jackson Hole Community Band

July 4th festivities followed with a fantastic parade given by our employees as well as, face painting and a coloring contest! The wranglers went all out and looked terrific with their all American horses. The bellman entered bicycles and golf carts to join the parade and Colter Bay brought a boat float. Children at the parade smiled wide when the multi-colored horsed paraded by, and then screamed with joy as candy from the other various floats was tossed their way. We hope you all can join the fun next year as we continue the tradition!

Patriotic Horse in Parade

Colter Bay's Boat Float

Children Gathering Candy

One of the Bellman Floats!

The Eyes Have It

Every once in a while, the opportunity prevails of itself to be the first on a rare photo opportunity in Grand Teton National Park.

Great Grey Owl

Last Saturday morning while driving the Moose- Wilson Road, just past the Laurence S. Rockefeller Preserve, a motion out the left side of the car caught my attention.  Behold a Great Grey Owl (Stris nebulosa) rose from the earth, flared its wings, and landed, perched in a dead snag, looking in our direction.  The largest owl in North America, the head almost looked too big for its body. The yellow eyes and facial discs with concentric circles further emphasized the head size.  There were no ear tufts making it more easily identified – differentiating it from a Great Horned Owl.

Stay tuned for more chance photo opportunities.  Or better yet, come and visit for yourself, and bring your camera.

Article and photo by:

Don Wells, CIG

Interpretive Specialist

Grand Teton Lodge Company

Good Morning America features Grand Teton National Park

On February 28th 2010, Grand Teton National Park was the featured vacation get away on Good Morning America. Reporter, Michael Milberger, described the park as a “winter wonderland.” The video clip attached to the article portrays the wonder and awe of Grand Teton National Park. It describes the jagged peaks of the mountains, the thrill of wild life, and the fun activities for all. This time of year the park is beautiful, and snow-covered, yet an early spring is in store for this National Park. The sun is shining, and with temperatures in the 40’s all week, summer is right around the corner. With warm weather approaching, its time to plan your own summer get away. Grand Teton Lodge Company offers the tranquility of the mountains, rocky mountain wildlife, and enjoyable activities for everyone. Grand Teton National Park is a hidden treasure of the west. Experience the Tetons with Grand Teton Lodge Company and create the vacation of life time.

Check out our website http://www.gtlc.com to learn more about all we have to offer.